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    Employee Crews Insured

    27 Years Experience

    We own Stagebarn Lumber
    Hand picked products

    Engineer Designed Structures & Trusses

    30 lb Snow Load

    Replace Metal Roofing


    About Us!

    Michels Construction, Inc. has been serving the greater Black Hills region of South Dakota for 30 years. Our employee crew has been working for Steve for 26 years. Experience and dedication to providing the best building with the least amount of interference possible is our goal.

    Michels owns Stagebarn Lumber Company. We hand pick all products and use our direct link resources to save you money. All warranty serviced with one call or e-mail to us. We handle everything.

    Michels also develops, designs and builds major commercial, industrial and agri-business buildings. Some of our projects along the I-90 corridor are: Jack’s Campers at I-90 Exit 46; Hawkins Water Treatment at I-90 Exit 48; 5600 SF at Exit 52 and I-90 for lease; and over 100,000 SF of building on Quaal Road at I-90 Exit 48.

    Lease property, strip malls, and warehousing for all types and sizes of businesses are also available from our property management division. Michels Construction built all these properties. Check out Quaal Business Park at Exit 48 and our rentals at Captain Soelzer Business Park at Exit 52.

    Stop by our newly remodeled showroom at I-90 Exit 48 and see thousands of pictures of post frame and other buildings we have constructed along with our display garage in our front lot.

    After 30 years in business, building and growing with the region, we have had family, friends, sons and daughters of employees all contributing to the success of building affordable and quality post-frame buildings. Email us 24 hours or call MPF Buildings “The Red Barn” located at I-90 Exit 48.

    Thank you,
    Steve Michels and Crew

    Email Contacts:
    Building Sales: michelspostframe@aol.com

    Michels Post Frame Buildings
    JOST Properties, LLC
    Monday - Friday 8 AM-5 PM
    I-90 & Exit 48
    Phone: (605) 787-4967 • Fax: (605) 787-6874
    E-mail: michelspostframe@aol.com
    P.O. Box 595 • Black Hawk, South Dakota 57718